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Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine

Four Roller Plate Rolling Machine

In the 4 roll plate bending machine, the upper roller is mechanically rotated, while the lower rollers are driven to move up and down with hydraulic power. Controlled by electrical central controlling system, whole bending work can be sequentially completed, including pre-bending, forming, levelling, etc. Hence, this machine is economical and convenient for bending work. In details, the 4 roll plate bending machine can bend metal sheet into certain shapes, including cylinder, cone, arch, and so on. After bending, these sheet material can be roughly levelled. Besides, these sheets are made full use of during rolling work, leaving little straight flange.

The 4 roll plate bending machine is made up of upper roll, bottom roll, side roll, main drive device, tipping device, right and left supporting structure, and seat.

It is widely used for manufacturing wind turbine towers, onshore pipelines, offshore pipelines, storage tanks, platform steel structures, boilers, heat exchangers, etc. Besides, the 4 roll plate bending machine is often utilized in automotive industry, especially for producing motors, bushings and other metal parts.


Founded on Oct. 25th, 2004, LANTYPC® Machine. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of plate bending machines, including 4 roll plate bending machines. Our company is a key enterprise among national engineering industry.

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