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High-Speed Shearing Machine

High-speed Shearing Machine

Usage of High-speed Shearing Machine
This high-speed plate shear is suitable for shearing plain weaving fabric, knitting, blanket, woolen, polar fleece, velour, plush, velvet, terry and so on.


Founded on Oct. 25, 2004, HB Machinery Co., Ltd is a specialized company in engineering machinery manufacturing field, our equipment includes shear machine, press brake, rolling machine, column hydraulic press, cut-to-length line and W24 section bending machine. Shearing machine covers high-speed shearing machine, which is also called high-speed plate shear. HB Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized and famous manufacturer of various shear machines, bending machines and rolling machines in China. With high technology, great production capacity and strong innovation ability, we provide high quality and guaranteed products.

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