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Hydraulic Symmetrical Rolling Machine

Hydraulic Symmetrical Rolling Machine

Hydraulic symmetrical rolling machine is driven by hydraulic oil. Its upper roller moves up and down, while the lower rollers rotate according to the gear reducer. Adjustable carrier roller is created at the bottom of the lower rollers. And the drum-shaped upper roller can increase the straightness of metal products.

Main structures of this hydraulic symmetrical rolling machine are upper roller, lower rollers, main transmission device, tilting device and chassis.

It is designed to pre-bend and roll various plate materials with thickness larger than 50 mm. The metal sheets can be rolled into multiple shapes, such as cone, cylinder, arch, etc. These sheets can be made into different products, including boiler tanks, air conditioner channels, sheet metal covers, etc. This hydraulic symmetrical rolling machine is widely applied in marine and ship manufacturing, oil platform building, offshore oil pipeline production, and so on.



Established on Oct. 25th, 2004, LANTYPC® Machine. is a key national machinery enterprise which specializes in producing plate bending machines. Our company has advanced and scientific production technology and capacity as well as rapid innovation ability, so that our products account for a large market share in the domestic market. Our company is a great manufacturer of hydraulic symmetrical rolling machines.

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