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YHL32 4-Column Hydraulic Press

YHL32 4-Column Hydraulic Press

YHL32 4 column hydraulic press is used to transfer energy to achieve a variety of process according to PASCAL’s principle. It adopts liquid as working medium. and liquid as its working medium. Its main components are the main machine, the dynamic system and the hydraulic control system. In its oil cylinder, the piston lever is put into motion by high pressure oil which is transferred from the oil pump. In details, the oil is injected into integrated cartridge valves and then it is distributed to the oil cylinder through one-way valve and overflow valve. After all, this 4 column hydraulic press is an equipment transferring high-pressure hydraulic oil.

This machine is widely used in pressing plastics, pulveralent products, metal products, etc. It can also be utilized in stretching thin metal sheets, bending work, correction for pressed products, etc.



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Packaging, Transportation and Payment
It is delivered by ship and paid through T/T.

Working Principle
The hydraulic drive system is composed of power system, controlling unit, actuating unit, auxiliary equipments and working medium. To fulfill demands for high running speed, a pump or even several pumps are applied in the power system. Exactly speaking, if the oil pump is less than 2.5 Mp, a gear pump is used. If the oil pressure is larger but less than 6.3 Mp, the vane pump is better choice. And if the oil is even much higher but less than 32 Mp, the plunger pump is the best choice to this 4 column hydraulic press.

Since its foundation on Oct. 25th, 2004, LANTYPC® Machine. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of shear machines, bending machines and rolling machines. As a specialized company in engineering machinery manufacturing field, our equipments include shear machine, press brake, rolling machine, column hydraulic press (including 4 column hydraulic press), cut-to-length line and W24 section bending machine.

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