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Three Cylinders Hydraulic Press Brake

Three Cylinders Hydraulic Press Brake

Compared with common double-cylinder hydraulic bending machine, this three cylinders hydraulic press brake can obtain higher bending accuracy. On the basis of original two cylinders bending machine, an auxiliary cylinder is added in the middle of the slider, which is better to reduce the deformation of slide block for a long time use. This hydraulic bending machine effectively improves the machining precision of the workpiece, and it is a new generation equipment of two cylinders bending machine. This three cylinders hydraulic press brake shows superior performance in bending process.

The slider portion of this hydraulic bending machine uses the hydraulic transmission, and it is made up of the slide block, cylinder and mechanical block trimming structure. The other two cylinders are fixed on the frame. Through the hydraulic piston, the sliding block can move up and down. The CNC system will adjust the mechanical block, the mechanical stopper and the bending angle. The stopper mechanism of this three cylinders hydraulic press brake uses a motor drive.





Maintenance and Repair
Before maintainance or cleaning, the hydraulic bending machine should be shut down, and the upper die should be aligned with the lower die. If you want to open the hydraulic press brake or conduct other operation, this machine should be changed into the manual mode to ensure safety. Details are as follows:

Packaging, Transportation and Payment
The hydraulic bending machines are delivered by shipping. Payment is though T/T.

Founded on Oct. 25th, 2004, LANTYPC® Machine. is a professional manufacturer and provider of shear machines, bending machines and rolling machines. Our company is a key enterprise among national engineering industry. With the registered capital of 3,980,000 RMB and rich experience, Shanghai Liwang manufactures various brand products, including three cylinders hydraulic press brakes.

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