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Pneumatic Shearing Machine

Pneumatic Shearing Machine

Pneumatic shearing machine (pneumatic cutting machine) is different from traditional driving method mechanical shears. It is a good choice for cutting metal sheet or non-metallic materials, suitable for uncoiling,, leveling and shearing.

Pneumatic shearing machine is of high-speed and it actions up to 105 times per minute. The machine cut materials burr-free and straight. It has fast speed, stable performance and long service life.



Maintenance and Repair

Parameters of Pneumatic Shearing Machine

Number Standard Name Numerical Value Unit Remark
1 Shear Width 2000 mm  
2 Shear Angle 1.5°    
3 Strokes of Top and Low Rest 70 min-1  
4 Motor Model Y160M-4    
Power 11 KW  
Rotate Speed 1460 r/min  
5 Boundary Dimension Length 3300 mm  
Width 1600 mm  
Height 1850 mm  

Established on Oct. 25th, 2004, LANTYPC® Machine. is a key national machinery enterprise, which specializes in producing press brakes and shearing machines. Our company is a professional manufacturer of this pneumatic shearing machine (pneumatic shearing machine).

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