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YHL41 Single Column Hydraulic Press

YHL41 Single Column Hydraulic Press

YHL41 single column hydraulic press works with hydraulic power according to the PASCAL's principle. It is composed of the main machine, dynamic system and hydraulic controlling system. This machine is in C-shape and welded all around by steel. Various devices with different functions are set in this machine, including moving workbench, blanking buffer device, photo-electric protection device, floating guide rails, mould claming device, data reader for stroke/pressure/spped, NC equipments, touch display screen, hydraulic heating/cooling system, PLC programmable contol units, safety switch, material feeder, etc.

Generally, YHL41 single column hydraulic press is suitable for pressing and forming various plastic materials into desiable products. Available materials are pulverulent products, abrasive materials, plastics, insulating materials, etc. This machine is widely used in processing parts for machine tools, combustion engines, machinery for producing textile, axles, bearings, washing machines, automobiles, air conditioners, electrical appliances, defense industry, etc.




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These machines are delivered by ship. Payment is through T/T.

Founded on Oct. 25, 2004, LANTYPC® Machine. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of shear machines, bending machines and rolling machines in China. Our company is a key enterprise among national engineering industry. Our YHL41 single column hydraulic presses are widely sold at home and abroad.

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