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Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine

Upper Roller Universal Plate Rolling Machine

Upper roller universal plate rolling machine is driven by lower roller. It transmits torsion through the hydraulic upper-lower transmission and mechanical horizontal transmission. Besides, with electrical central controlling system, whole bending processes can be efficiently completed, including pre-bending for sheet ends, rolling sheets into arc shapes, levelling metal sheets, etc. Hence, the upper roller universal plate rolling machine is convenient and material-saving in operation. Additionally, NC controlling system increase automation for this machine.

This upper roller universal plate rolling machine is widely used in manufacturing industries requiring high precision, such as production of structural metals for aerospace, nuclear power, offshore oil platform, oil pipeline, etc. And the small or middle sized universal plate rolling machines are especially utilized in manufacturing various cylinderical metal products for petroleum industry, chemical industry, and so on.



Working Principle
Upper roller of this universal plate rolling machine moves in a vertical way so as to shape the products. And its horizontal motion can bend the sheet flange into certain arch.


The main structure of the upper roller universal plate rolling machine includes upper roll, lower roll and horizontal movement mechanism, supporting mechanism, main drive mechanism, left and right machine frame, chassis and balance mechanism, hydraulic and electrical control systems.

Founded on Oct. 25th, 2004, LANTYPC® Machine. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of rolling machines in China. The rolling machines include various kinds of plate bending rolls, like upper roller universal plate rolling machine. For more information, please enter our website.

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